Friday, February 18, 2011

even in insomnia...

I am so sinful and selfish. I deserve hell. I deserve sickness, insomnia, all of it.

But... God has been so good and faithful to me this week. I was unable to sleep for two days in a row, but I was filled with the Holy Spirit. As I rested in bed from 8:30pm onward on Wednesday night Bible verses and lyrics of songs kept going through my head. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that I should look into working for Campus Crusade for Christ in the future. Every day was a test of my faith. A test of if just resting with Jesus was enough. I wanted to be doing more. I hate resting!! But I was filled with peace and Jesus was enough!! Every day God would wake me up right before my classes without an alarm. God filled me with peace and joy and the ability to stay alert in class and to read. With constant little miracles showing me His extravagant love that I do not deserve, I was continually refilled with more than enough peace and joy to be my strength! God is AMAZING and faithful indeed!!!

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