Friday, September 28, 2012

early in the morning

Covered by Your love divine,  
Child of the risen Lord.
To hear You say, 
"This one's Mine" 
"This one's Mine..."
My heart is spoken for. 

Covered by Your love divine.

Child of the risen Lord.
 To hear You say, 
"This one's Mine."  

My heart is spoken for.

Take this world from me.

I don't need it anymore..."

I woke up exactly to those lyrics. (an ending to a song.) (and exactly exactly how I feel in my heart about God's love for me too. :) )
ha but every song playing after is just as much how I feel in my heart too.

When I wake up the first thought in my head each day is, "I'm excited to love." Or "Yay, another new day. Another new day to love."

I quickly jump out of bed to turn down the blaring music (so it doesn't wake the person in the room next door.) Then I sing in my head or out loud to God and get ready as quick as I can.

I feel so good when I wake up at 6am. So good. I love the early mornings...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I don't even know where to start about all the things God is doing in my heart lately.

I'll really have to write more little posts about it later...

the one thing I do know and can say is

He keeps finding ways to remind me, because I always need to hear it again,

that He loves me.
He loves me for me.


The ways He tells me again and again each day keep surprising me.

When I really think about the fact that He truly loves me for me it brings tears to my eyes. 

God has used this song to tell me of His love for me when I've really needed to hear it a few times now. Each time it has surprised me again and makes me cry.


 I know that that song is exactly what God wants me to know/feel. It speaks of His love for me so completely. And it truly does make me cry.

 ... That song (and many other songs)  are only tiny ways God's been showing me His love. More than anything every day I am surprised by what God wants me to do with and for Him. And really really surprised that He just wants me to be me. To love myself for who I am and to shine the way He made me to. He really needs to retell me that every day. Because I never want to believe it. And He does retell me. Through a random message from a friend that said,

"One piece of advice, you need to love on yourself for the person that God made you to be, and truly accept it, before you can love on others."

And through so many other little ways that have been blowing my mind.

More than anything, God wants me to stay wrapped in His love for me.
He loved me enough as I am to die on the cross for me to cover all my sins.
And He loves me enough to find every way to romance uniquely me every day in this life.
I can't wait to be in Heaven with Him.

For now I get to take everything a moment at a time, ready to embrace whatever He has. The pain, the joy, the beauty, the beauty of life.

Everything is a gift from Him.
 Most of all, the most precious of all, His love. 

I really do feel more wrapped in His love, and more bold and unafraid to be me than I've ever felt. More sure of who I am: His Beloved child and daughter. His Bride.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

what am I feeling? ...

Life is different. Interesting. As always, an adventure. Unexpected. Deep. and beautiful.

Sometimes it is sad and hard when you no longer have someone you really love in your life. It hits me a little bit each day and sometimes hits harder.

I don't even know what all I feel, but God does.

What I do know is that I just give it all to Him.

I thank Him for everything I had. The beauty of it all still takes my breath away.
But more than that, I smile and thank Him for what I've always had and still have even more and more and more with Him...



all I can do really is just give Him the sad or painful things right as I feel em and move on.

Move on with thankfulness. With love.
with letting go.

and just give my heart away.
to the girls I'm with.
the kids I'm with.
the family I'm with. :)

Most of all,  I am blessed to just give it to Jesus.

to focus on all the many many things I feel called to do right now and all the many many things I want to do for Him. There are so many things I want to do for Him every day. I can barely fit a few in... but I am blessed to get to do and fit all that does fit in a day!!! So blessed by everything I get to do with and for those I love. ... yes, sometimes I wish I could have both. Everything I have now plus a bit of what I'm missing. ... but, I am happy to let go. 

Thankful to just lay it all at Jesus' feet.

trust that this is best for all of us.

Know that God has us perfectly in His hands.
know that I can give Him and trust Him with everyone in prayer.

.... and man, oh man, oh man, am I thankful for everything He is doing in my heart and life.

man oh, man oh, man.

He is romancing me.

He is overwhelming me.

He is making me smile.

And He is my love.

I miss those I have to let go.

But boy do I love all that I get to do with Him.

And I dance.
I dance cuz He wants us too.
I dance cuz He calls me too.
I dance cuz He opens the door.
I dance cuz in it all my pain and sadness go.
All my joy and amazement and wow, just all the energy, goodness, and awe...
there is no better way to proclaim it. to let it out.

to let it be how I feel.

how I feel is to dance for Him.
to the songs and feelings in my heart.

and the crazy thing is,
He makes sure I get to do that, even for just a few minutes, almost every day.
and He fills me with the dream.
the dream of maybe teaching little girls to dance.
a dream He has re-placed and re-opened in my heart.

I don't care if it actually happens or not,
I hope it does
... but, more than that I am amazed, blessed, and thankful for the times with Him right now.
For all He is doing and I am doing for Him each day.

Jesus has got me.
I am His, and He has plans for me.
He is leading.
And I should just trust Him.

Thankful from the bottom of my heart for the hope and joy I have because of Him.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

meaning more.

I love how every day the words of all the songs mean more and more and more, and come from my heart more and more.

"As I pour out my heart, these things I remember: You are faithful God forever..."

most of the time, my mouth and body are quiet, but I am singing to God... and dancing. singing and dancing in and from my heart...