Saturday, June 16, 2001

Callie the kitten

June 16, 2001

"Dear Diary,

I got a kitten the night before last. I thought it was the best in the world. But today we found out it has a bad sickness. I don’t think I can have it anymore! I’m crying right now. The kitten was lost this morning. We found it in the barn. It bit me. Blood got everywhere. Now it just bites on the milk dish. It won’t eat or drink. I felt like God wanted me to get it. Maybe He didn’t want the other kittens to get sick! :(


Running barefoot towards the red barn, Abby is all smiles. It is time to go play with her very own kitten! As she creaks up the stairs to the dusty hayloft she calls out. “Callie, here kitty, kitty, kitty...” When she doesn’t see her kitten right away, she starts looking under boards and below all the holes in the floor. By this time she can hear a desperate and painfully loud meow coming from the room. Finally she lifts up a bale of hay and reaches for the kitten. The kitten clings to her thumb, sending blood gushing to the floor. Abby tries to pry the kitten off of her thumb, but her razor sharp teeth remain inside Abby’s thumb. By this time Abby is what her mom calls “screaming for bloody murder.” She even dangles the cat for a few seconds by just her thumb! After a few horrendously long minutes, Abby is finally able to pry the kitten from her finger, and run back to the house. That is the last she saw of Callie.