Tuesday, March 8, 2005

guys on the mind at 13

Tues March 8, 05

"I am 13 and I have never done a single thing with a guy. That's OK cuz I really don't wanna rush into things or do stuff too young. But I still daydream bout guyz constantly---I hope someone likes me even if it's a guy like Sam* or somethin!

Abs "

It is sad how rooted into a middle schooler's mind it is that they are only worth something if they have a "boyfriend" or a "girlfriend." (or in my case just someone who liked them) I truly believe what I read in "When God Writes Your Love Story." I think we should patiently wait for the one person God puts in our lives, rather than dating and sharing physical affection with multiple people. We first need to be content with God as the only One who can satisfy our longings before we make the mistake of looking for a partner to fill the hole in our hearts.