Thursday, September 27, 2012

I don't even know where to start about all the things God is doing in my heart lately.

I'll really have to write more little posts about it later...

the one thing I do know and can say is

He keeps finding ways to remind me, because I always need to hear it again,

that He loves me.
He loves me for me.


The ways He tells me again and again each day keep surprising me.

When I really think about the fact that He truly loves me for me it brings tears to my eyes. 

God has used this song to tell me of His love for me when I've really needed to hear it a few times now. Each time it has surprised me again and makes me cry.


 I know that that song is exactly what God wants me to know/feel. It speaks of His love for me so completely. And it truly does make me cry.

 ... That song (and many other songs)  are only tiny ways God's been showing me His love. More than anything every day I am surprised by what God wants me to do with and for Him. And really really surprised that He just wants me to be me. To love myself for who I am and to shine the way He made me to. He really needs to retell me that every day. Because I never want to believe it. And He does retell me. Through a random message from a friend that said,

"One piece of advice, you need to love on yourself for the person that God made you to be, and truly accept it, before you can love on others."

And through so many other little ways that have been blowing my mind.

More than anything, God wants me to stay wrapped in His love for me.
He loved me enough as I am to die on the cross for me to cover all my sins.
And He loves me enough to find every way to romance uniquely me every day in this life.
I can't wait to be in Heaven with Him.

For now I get to take everything a moment at a time, ready to embrace whatever He has. The pain, the joy, the beauty, the beauty of life.

Everything is a gift from Him.
 Most of all, the most precious of all, His love. 

I really do feel more wrapped in His love, and more bold and unafraid to be me than I've ever felt. More sure of who I am: His Beloved child and daughter. His Bride.

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