Sunday, January 22, 2012

You lead...

This is always my prayer.

Your will be done, LORD, not mine.

But man oh man, with my personality and just who I am, I am horrible at just letting Him lead.

I always have so many ideas, want to make so many plans, want to do everything SO fast, go, go, go, thinking about the future, planning things, etc....

but I want to learn to slow down.

to trust Him with everything.

Not my will or plans, but His.

I'm thankful for the way, I try to let Him do this every day, and for the places He leads me when I let Him.

His plans AMAZE me because they are so much better than my own it's not even funny.

It just fills me with thankfulness and peace when I give Him control instead of myself.

Just pray I can do this more. I struggle every second to...

but thankfully He is still in control no matter what, and He has ways of humbling me, and reminding me to slow down and trust in Him instead of me again. Even if it means breaking me down, I'm thankful for the ways He reminds me to just trust Him again. :)

I want to let Him lead....


"And I...
Need to stop, need to stop,

I'm going to fast,
And I...

Know my God is still God, And You got my back

You lead
, I'll follow.
Your hands hold my tomorrow,

Your grip, Your
grace, You know the way...

You guide me
tenderly, yeah,

When You lead, I'll follow,

Just light the way and I'll go.

Cause I know what You got for me is more then I can see,

So lead me on...

Lead me on... "

Lead me Lord.

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