Sunday, January 1, 2012

I think way too much (... a complete understatement)

Okay, so I've been thinking way way too much. Today, and every day of my life.

Thinking about everything, overthinking everything...

My whole life, every day, I am filled with just way way too many thoughts. So many things I just want to get down. Almost have to write down, or I will just go crazy from thinking about them too much. Or that's how it feels. Or just random things I really want to write down!! Sometimes it's just silly? Why do I even want to write down or tell someone these things so much?

... But it's because I feel maybe they could help someone somehow. Or I just need to get them out... or... I don't even know! There is always a reason, but... still, sometimes it's just like, is there even a point to this??

Is all of this just silly? Just a waste of time? Should I even be posting all these entries?

... But I realize, most of the time, I just need and want to put all my thoughts aside and journals aside, and everything aside and just love people. And spend time with them, that's what I really need to let God help me do better most. I've been horrible at it, but God is teaching me and humbling me, that's what I need to work on with His help most. And that's what I'm very excited to do!!

But also, if I have any tiny bits or just random chunks of extra time, which of course I will here and there, God has also truly really blessed me with some people in my life who are exactly the kind of people who truly will appreciate the stuff I have written and taken down.

So I guess I will continue... continue just getting down all these thoughts down, and slowly sharing them with others. ... Or just getting them down and praying that who knows, maybe one day they will be of use to someone. Maybe not? Either way, oh well. :)

Either way, I am thankful for all the things I'm learning each day.

I'm so silly. And over-think everything A LOT.

But thank God that He gets me.

Even when I confuse my own self, even though no one on this entire world ever truly can understand each other fully, we are all SO DIFFERENT... He gets me.

That amazes me.

Thanks God, for where You've brought me.

Now, please help me to just go to bed and sleep tonight.

I have a million cabjillion blog entries (one I started and almost posted earlier today but want to edit more) that are drafts, or that are written down and not posted....

but I know His timing for everything will be nice and slow, and perfect.
That is a good thing.

Good night world, goodnight God.

Thanks for what You're teaching me about life, people, how silly I am, about who You made me, and mostly about how much You love me through it all.

I'm thankful for everything. Especially just for You. Who You are. What You came and did for us. And how You love and forgive me.

Thanks God.

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