Monday, January 16, 2012

Most important thing to me I've learned this year and never want to forget:

Often what people appreciate most is just that you spend time with them.

In my continuous selfishness and immaturity throughout life, this is where I have failed people most.

With forgiveness God gives second chances. The chance to forgive myself, move on, start again, and change each day, and even each second.

It's up to me though, to actually take that chance and use it.

I thank God for the second chances again and again that I don't deserve a bit of. I'm also thankful from the bottom of my heart for the love and forgiveness from God, no matter what I do or have done. No matter how much I still struggle and fail every day, He still loves and forgives and holds and helps me the same.

Even so, if you are ever looking for a prayer request from me, please pray I seriously use each day as a chance to show God thanks for His love. Please pray I use my time to spend with others, out of love for them. Thanks.

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