Tuesday, January 3, 2012

this break...

Wow,this break has been A LOT. While each day has had it's fair share of hard times, fair share of times of being attacked by fear or fair share of reasons to be fighting fear or feeling pain, I can't deny that God has done A LOT this break. So much it blows my mind. I can't deny that the good God has done, in my family, in me, and I am very sure more than I can imagine in other people's lives too, has been much greater than even the largest of reasons for pain, heartache, stress, hurt, or times of fear or anxiety, or good reasons to feel these things.

I can't deny that God has done A LOT.

Coming out of it, I am honestly a bit scared because the future is completely and totally uncertain for me. I feel almost in every way, but all I can do is just trust God with it. Put it in His hands completely. And just focus on the good things. Focus on what I am thankful for. :) Just smile and praise Him. Because even though I may not know anything about the future (and even though that's really hard for me because that's probably a huge thing I make into an idol and something very hard for me to not think about), the Truth is that above all, things ARE good.

Because God is good.

He died in my place, forgives me, and is holding me through everything.

No matter what I am feeling today, whether it is pain out of love for others and out of being worried for them, out of just being worried and scared for them out of love and just praying hard that they will see God's love for them, whether it is tiny bits of fears attacking, whether it is overwhelming joy over who God is, what He's done for me and us, His forgiveness, and just the fact that He holds us through everything, whether it is peace in knowing that I can place everything in God's hands, and that I can even trust Him with others, to hold them, to lead them, to open their eyes in His perfect timing... though it really hurts to see others struggle,
whatever it is,
I am going to walk through it with God.

Holding His hand.

So thankful He holds me, even when I would have let go myself. He always carries me through.

I will praising Him through every storm and heartache.

And remembering how much the GOOD AND WHAT HE'S DONE in my life, my family, and in others' lives so much far beyond far outweighs the bad, the pain, and the reasons to fear.

I'm going to fight through all this with God.

And just be real.

Cry, laugh, rejoice, and pray.

Thankful to enjoy each day of the beautiful journey with Him.
He understands each of us completely.

His love is crazy.

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