Tuesday, November 22, 2011

random crazy thought...

Something random I was thinking about today is how much one of the things I like to do and that makes me happier than anything is helping people. Loving people. Making them smile. Brightening their day in some way. Spreading a little of God's joy or sharing God's love for them.

(And I really really hate more than anything hurting people. Bringing them any kind of pain or discomfort. I hate when people worry about me, and I always worry people are worried about me or my health or that something I do is bothering or hurting them.)

... Anyway, somewhere in the day when I was smiling about how much I just love to make others smile, it hit me... reminded me about something about God...

God loves to see you happy. Loves to see you smiling about something good. Something He created
just for you to do or enjoy. Loves to see you smiling about Him or His creation or His blessings.

It makes God happy to see you happy!!!

... He only wishes He could bless you more. That you would just relax. Enjoy each situation. Each day. He made you you. Gave you these exact circumstances.
He is with you. He forgives you. He loves you. He saves you.

He just wants you to be happy.

Nothing makes Him happier than seeing His creation rejoice over His day, His creation, the life He's given you. ... He loves you.

... Loves to see you smile. :)

Only wishes you would let yourself do so more.

the Father's love letter

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  1. So...last week I was walking across campus...it was probably around 10 at night... it had rained earlier that evening, and so when it cooled down, there was frost everywhere. Including on the leaves. I looked down on the ground and everything was shimmering. I picked up a maple leaf, and I was just amazed. It was like someone had poured glitter all over it, and wow, how it sparkled in the moonlight. I skipped around like a little kid (I do that all the time) and found a bur oak leaf that was so beautifully and artistically frosted by the Hand of the Creator. Ahhhhhh, He makes me smile. :D :D :D Yep.