Monday, November 7, 2011

every day lately

Every day is really hard for me right now. I am incredibly behind on homework, and when I work on it or do almost anything besides give my full attention to listening to or being with someone, I am filled with so much anxiety and self talk that it handicaps me a lot. It is really hard to do homework. Sometimes I'm too paralyzed by anxiety to do anything at all. Most of the time I am working and trying but fighting so much anxiety and self talk that everything takes 4 or 5 times as long.

It is really hard because I cant love or spend time with or get back to people as much as I want to. ... All of this is extremely hard and stressful, but, at the same time, I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE how much I am still able to do through all of it. God REALLY carries me and helps me with just enough
strength to get through each second and day. It's incredible really. I just have to trust and know: His power and grace is made perfect in weakness. He is teaching, humbling, carrying, and helping me more than I can ever imagine and thank Him for. :D Please pray for me to do His will with my time. Thanks you.

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