Friday, January 3, 2014

when I go to bed

I have a new dream that's on my mind constantly lately. Something I wasn't completely expecting. I was telling some friends how I'm excited to go on mission trips in my life. That I go to bed dreaming about doing mission trips and how I want to go to Africa.

Someone said some things that I feel like maybe God placed her there to say to me. Number one, "If you're dreaming about it every night, you should do it!!"
Which my reply was, "Don't worry, I for sure will!!" Because my plan is to go on a mission trip next year and to Africa as soon as possible!

She also said to check out Unseen Ministries. I called them today. And I called some other places.

I have a new dream: to do mission work with kids.

From January to May, I would really love to be around the world doing mission work overseas with kids.
From June to December, I would love to be here. Loving on kids in other jobs (like Hope, babysitting, and who knows what... plus there are tons of other jobs out there that would be awesome...God only knows what He has coming for me).  And I would love to be with my family from June to December. To help with the garden, to enjoy time with them and friends and the kids who are here, to be here for Christmas and summer. I love our very hot weather in the summer!!! I really would like to be elsewhere in the winter. I am sick of the mundane every day life. And I don't like the weather. Also from June to November is when I am busiest with photos...

So, these are just some of my dreams/thoughts. I'm guessing God has given some of them to me. But I know no matter what: He only knows what's in store, what will go down, and what will be best. I can't wait to see.

It could really be anything. It could be the complete opposite of this. ... Only God knows. :)

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