Wednesday, January 1, 2014


December wasn't like October and November in the sense of how I was treated. December was a month of good moods! May through December though was good. I'm thankful for the times I'm treated as less, even if it's hard for me because I don't like letting people down and it seems that that's why I'm treated like that. I feel in those times though that all I can do is use God's strength to keep being me! I know God can use me best that way.

I love my job.
I love making stuff for people.
I love the challenge of every day.

I love kids!!!
And I love my family.
I'm thankful for the kids, family, and friends God has placed in my life.

I enjoy trusting God and living with Him always there.

I'm going to start posting stuff in this blog that makes me smile. So many things do... I need a place to share them.

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