Monday, January 6, 2014

quotes of the day

R: "Guess what?!!"
H: "...Chicken butt??!"
A: "Heyyy, you know that's not a good thing to say. Please don't say that."
R: "Hey, Abby! Guess what??!"
A: "Whaat??!"
R: "Chicken face!!!.."
"Mmmm.... My place smells like burnt popcorn and strawberry creamsicle!!"
^^Me entering my place at 11:20 tonight after letting my car run in the -45 degree wind-chill.
 I have been using a really good smelling raspberry air freshener, but today I bought a strawberries n cream one. :)
R: "Hey, Abby!! Guess what??!!"
A: "Whaat??!"
R: "Chicken mouth!!"
R: "Hey, Abby!! Guess what??!"
A: "What??!!"
R: "Chicken ear!!"
R: "Hey, Abby!!! Guess what??!"
A: "What??!"
R: "Chicken popcorn!!.."

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