Monday, March 21, 2011

What my own hands have done

The Lord has been answering my prayers that I would not feel irritation or anger toward other Christians. That I would feel only compassion, love, and patience toward them when they repeatedly struggle to find their comfort from God or when they repeatedly dig themselves into the same holes. I could still use lots of prayer for this, but I can see God is answering the prayers more and more each day.

Lately I've still been saddened by sin. Saddened by the world. Saddened when we turn to this world instead of God. When we let our desires or anxieties become more important than God's love and forgiveness, but God continues to humble me.

I realize more and more how sinful I am. How hypocritical I am. How much I myself struggle with all the SAME things! Or things no better or worse!!! And I look at those who are lost with compassion. That could be me!!

I am no better. No less sinful. The only huge difference is that, because I have Jesus Christ and am continually repenting of my sins, when God looks at me He sees Jesus Christ. He doesn't see my sin. But sees perfection. I DON'T DESERVE THIS AT ALL. But it is the free gift God graciously pours out to me just because I have faith. ... Anyway, God has been filling me with more compassion for the world. I am so thankful. and still need His help.

God is also filling me with more patience, compassion, understanding, and love for other Christians. This is something I've realized I really need His help with and need prayer for.

Last night I was filled with compassion and love for some struggling friends. Pictures of their sad faces and their sin kept flashing through my head. I was filled with sadness, love, and compassion. ...Lots of sadness. But then God humbled me even farther. He reminded me again of the filthy place my own hands have been. My own ugly sin kept replaying in my mind. Filling me with disgust. Sadness. Humility. Compassion. Understanding. And love.

There is no sin more disgusting or saddening than what my own hands have done.

Thank You God for opening my eyes.

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