Friday, December 23, 2011

up, down, all around -part 1

Every day for me is up and down.

Mainly up. (because I see it as up and am so thankful for Him, His strength, and the peace knowing His grace fills me with)

Sometimes very down too,

But so thankful for both!!! (so for me I barely see the downs as really a bad thing. I like the hardness in many ways, always have, like learning, growing in compassion for others who are always hurting. I'm so well off compared to so many....)

Through both, I run to Him. (or try)

try to rest in and lean on and praise the One Who carries

Who is with me always,

how comforting is that?? me it is extremely.

Up, down, all around, yet He holds.

is here.

forgives and loves.

I love Him.

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