Tuesday, December 27, 2011


You saw me
You saw me battered
You saw me filthy
You saw me shattered
You saw me wicked
You saw me lying
You saw me failing
You saw me trying
You saw me angry
You saw me jealous
You saw me prideful
You saw me selfish
You saw me wonder
You saw me lustful
You saw me striving
Worshipping idols


You said:
I want her
I love her
She's the one for Me
I choose her
I know her
My blood has made her clean
She is My true love.

Bring her to Me
Put a ring on her finger
Clothe her in my righteousness
Shine My light all around her
Place a crown upon her head
Keep her tears in a bottle
See her name upon My hands
When she says: I don’t deserve it,
Tell her: I took the nails instead.
I took the nails instead

Now she's always by His side
She stays in His arms day and night
Out of the cage
Out of the shame.
Into the light
Into the light

She's finding her beauty
She's finding her grace
She's finding her whole heart
She's showing her face

In the light
In the light
She's pure in the light
She's Home in the light.

You rescued me, Lord

You rescued me
You set me free
When I thought that I could never escape
You came for me
You found me
In the prison I made for myself
You broke down the bars
You opened the door
You took me by the hand
And when I couldn't get out,
You carried me.
You lifted me with Your own strength
You walked me right out of the jail.
Right out of the prison.
And You dealt with all of my enemies
You dealt with all of my shame
And all of my embarrassment

Oh Jesus, You took it upon yourself
You took it upon Yourself.

-Laura Woodley "Into the Light"

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