Sunday, December 25, 2011

room in your heart?

You know the story, an angel came down,

Appeared to a virgin in Nazareth town

He said, "Don't fear, Mary, my name is Gabe...

Surprise, surprise, you're gonna have a babe.

Yeah, you will conceive and bear a son

His name will be Jesus, He's the chosen one"

She said, "How can this be

I've never been with a man?"

Gabe said, "Don't worry, God's got a plan."

Now, Joseph was a pure man, all of his life

And he was planning to make Mary his wife.

But when he found out, she was with child

He said, "I made a mistake--this girl is wild."

An angel said, "Joe, things may seem hairy,

But don't be afraid to marry Mary."

A decree went out that all should be taxed

So Joseph and Mary did what Caesar asked.

They traveled on a donkey to Bethlehem,

But when they arrived, there was no room at the inn.

"No room, no room," the innkeeper said

"But you can go out to the stable instead."

So under one big bright star in Heaven

A Child was born, a Son was given.

It was a humble beginning for Christ that day

They put Him in a manger on a bed of hay.

While shepherds watched their flock that night

They were frightened by a bright white light.

An angel said, "Good news I bring.

Go to Bethlehem and see the boy King."

Then wise men came, spared no expense

Brought gold, and myrrh and frankincense

Everyone came to the manger scene

The cattle were lowing, whatever that means.

Worshiping the Christ-child, bowing down low,

And that was two thousand years ago...

Today wise men still search for the Truth

And if you seek Him, He will find you

Is there room in your heart for Him?

Is there room in your heart for Him?

Is there room in your heart for Him?

Is there room in your heart for Him?

Is there room for the Wonderful Counselor

Is there room for the Prince of Peace?

Is there room for the Almighty God?

Is there room for the Everlasting Father?

Is there room in your heart for Him?

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