Thursday, April 14, 2011


I wish I could sit forever.
(coming out of the mouth of me who always likes to be moving, these words are strange.)

Strange, but true.

I want to sit forever.
and just think.
Think about Him.

God's beauty that covers the earth.

In the green of the grass, the blue of the sky,
All creation draws me to Him.

I don't have words for Him.




All of these words come to mind as I sit in awe and wonder.

But none compare.

My mind is much too small.
every word is nothing.

Only a tiny glimpse of Him.

The beauty in His creation makes me smile
bringing praises to my lips.
It is all painted, sculpted carefully by Him.

But I know that all I can see does not compare to all He is.

... And then I think on His love.

Even this word is so tiny compared to His heart for me.

Though I deserve to burn forever in hell, He looks at me with eyes filled with tears
of grace.
Love deeper than the word as we know it.

He runs to me, scoops me up, twirls me around and around.

Fast circles.
So fast, I'm laughing loudly.
He throws me, just into the air,
and catches me gently, spinning me again.

He takes my breath away.
And calls me His.

All I want to do is sit.

Get lost in awe.

Forget about the world.
Lose track of time.

Just sit
forever, with Him on my mind and praises on my lips.

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