Friday, January 7, 2011

Be still.

He is calling me.
To a new adventure.
To rest.

To be captivated.
By Him!!

To shut everything else off.
Find Him in the quiet.
Time with Him and Him alone.

It's not about what I get done.
He is jealous for me.
Jealous for my time.

He just wants me to sit with Him.

To let Him lead.

He wants me to hear Him.
To be overcome by His beauty.

He wants to speak to me through the lyrics.
He wants me to listen.
Listen in the quiet.
He whispers.

Whispers,"Rest. Just rest. Rest in Me."

He wants me to see Him.
As I look to the painted sky.
In the sparkling snow that falls down around me.
In the trees blanketed with white.

To just close my eyes.
Take in the sound.
The beautiful song.

"Be still, and know that I am God..."
-Psalm 46:10

Thank you LORD.
There is nothing more beautiful.
Nothing more loving.
than You.

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