Sunday, November 25, 2007

humorous entry from 2007

Nov 25, 2007

"Most days I write about in here will be horrible. Anxiety, worry, selfishness, depression, and over-obsession will fill up these pages. Today, however, was not all terrible. I woke up to some extremely peppy praise music and had a good Bible read. I was ready to go after about two hours and ten minutes of riding exercise bike (while eating my delicious toasted whole wheat bagel with raspberry "light n' fit" yogurt on top, 1/4 cup soy nuts, and an apple), showering, studying while blowdrying my hair and riding exercise bike, getting dressed, eating carrots, packing pumpkin seeds, brushing my teeth, and getting everything together. As I grabbed my phone I saw that "Ugh, I got some texts!" Sally* was telling me we had to meet for Key Club at 8, wrecking my plans to look at a review power point for history class.

On my way I got my first speeding ticket! I will never speed up as I reach the speed limit sign again (or speed up to five miles over the speed limit). Both of which are what I was taught! That guy was out to get me! I was calm and relaxed though... School was nice. It was good for me to be around so many relaxed people. How do they do it? I found out I had to go speak at a Kiwanis meeting about Key Club with Ann and Merema. That turned out to be delicious (salad bar at Cashwise) and fun. Dance was awesome tonight. Through all the fondues and chaos, Monday night class has turned into such a family. I'm sad I don't get to be in it anymore after Christmas! What'll I do?"

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