Monday, April 26, 2010

you need that boy like a bowling ball

"You need that boy like a bowling ball
Dropped on your head
Which means not at all"

I love listening to Superchick's song "Bowling Ball" and BarlowGirl's song "Average Girl"

So what I'm not your average girl
I don't meet the standards of this world
Chasing after boys is not my thing
See I'm waiting for a wedding ring

No more dating
I'm just waiting
Like sleeping beauty
My prince will come for me
No more dating I'm just waiting
'Cause God is writing my love story

Boys are bad that's certainly not true
'Cause God's preparing one for you
If you get tired waiting till he comes
Gods arms are the perfect place to run

Sleep that's the only thing
For me 'cause when I sleep Gods
Preparing one for me

I get so sick of how many people in this world think they need to be in a relationship to be happy. NO. If you are not satisfied while you are single, you will not be satisfied in a relationship. God is the only One who completely satisfies us, no matter if we are in a relationship or single.

I am excited to be patient and wait for the one guy God is preparing for me. And in the process I get to enjoy being single and focusing on the true Love of my life: God. :)

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