Monday, April 19, 2010

me and liking guys

April 19, 2010

"I am a complete "all-or-nothing" person when it comes to homework, dancing, eating healthy, working out, cleaning, pictures, and basically anything that requires my energy. I will either give it my "all" or give it "nothing." I guess in a sense that is how I am with liking guys. I either am feeling really romantic and wanting to listen to Taylor Swift or I am feeling like I really don't want to like them at all. I also have to give all my feelings toward one person and give "nothing" or no romantic feelings toward anyone else. These are habits I am trying to break. The truth is liking someone scares me so much! I am so slow to let a guy know that I like him, or even to really like a guy at all. I feel I need to speed into a relationship faster if the guy acts like they like me, but doing that scares me A LOT. And even then, I am extremely slow and cautious!

Yep, so as of right now, I am leaving everything to God. I feel optimistic. I am not looking for a guy at all. I just see them as friends. If God wants me to like a guy, something big will need to happen. (I like feeling this way!) Time to listen to Christian music and focus on the true Love of my life---God!"

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