Monday, July 16, 2012

He is jelous for me


never gives up on me.

is never annoyed with me.

truly loves every little thing about me.

when I am horrible to Him, when I sin, or when I say or do something hurtful to Him, He forgives it. Just like that. Believes I couldn't help it, didn't mean it, or didn't know what I was doing. He believes I never meant to hurt Him. And so He forgives, instantly, without even having to get angry, hurt, or say anything. He just forgives, forgets, and sees the good in me. He chooses to trust and believe that I don't want to hurt Him. That I know not what I do.

will never leave me.

can't wait to be with me. gets excited about the next time He will see me.

loves to hear from me. waits eagerly for my next response...

loves to see me happy, loves to see me smile, to see me laugh.

keeps every promise.

finds it easy to be patient with me, He just loves me so much that He just wants to love on me...

always wants to know how I'm doing.

smiles when He thinks of me. 

cares deeply about me in every way.

calls me His Bride and can't stop thinking about the specialness of that. "His Bride..."

cherishes every moment spent with me.

can't get me off His mind.

gets really excited about the things I'm doing.

 He really loves to watch me doing things I enjoy, doing the things I was created to do.

He loves to watch me thrive. ... just wants me to thrive.

just wants to comfort me. especially through every fear, every pain, every time of sickness, every anxiety. He wants to be the one by my side, holding me, telling me "It's okay." He's with me. And He won't ever leave.


always lets me go.
yet always holds on in His heart... never letting go of His love for me.

takes time to think up and make plans for us.

loves me in a way that I want to and can and feel amazing just being submissive. Trusting Him to lead me. Trusting Him to have the best plans for us. ... I don't have to do a thing, just follow. And let Him lead.

loves every single thing about my body.
is deeply deeply attracted to me, from the inside out. Just sees it all as so beautiful it takes His breath away.

Wants to just delight in me all day. ... Just sit with me, laugh with me, play with my hair, stare at me... walk with me... dance with me... spin me around. HIS Bride. ...

 slowly takes the time to win my heart every day.


loves me.
loves me. loves me. loves me.

He loves me exactly the way I am.
He just thinks everything about the way I am is beautiful.

and the most special things to Him are any Christ-like things He sees in me. The things in my heart.


loves me more than I love Him.

He is the picture of love.

His arms spread out on that cross.
saying, "This is kind of love I have for you: love that causes Me to lay My life down for you."

Putting me first no matter what the cost, what the pain, what other people think... He's not afraid, but happy, to suffer. To do anything and everything to help me, to see me smile, to give me life, to bring me joy, to take my breath away. 

To carry me safely to the beautiful place He's prepared for us to be together forever more.


wants to be enough for me.

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