Sunday, August 28, 2011

songs that speak to me

I've started a song collection on youtube with playlists that contain songs that speak to me, help me when I'm struggling, and inspire me to just let Him love and hold me through everything.

Here is the link to the youtube playlist/channel I created:

My name is waiting4myJesus

I am putting songs into 4 categories so far: "when everything falls apart"
"reasons for hope"
"why I praise"
"while I'm waiting"

My hope is that others will run into the channel and the songs will remind them of God's beautiful love, compassion and mercy for all of us and of the Hope, freedom, Life, promises, and Joy we have in Christ alone. 

I listen to my friend Kaitlyn's playlists: "Kaitlyn122's Channel" often. Especially when I am struggling. When I need His grace and love desperately, to save me from all the fears and from the failure I feel in this world. I need to listen to songs like these every day. I am just a broken sinner, constantly in need of His Word, His compassion, His mercy, love, and grace.

... He is SO GOOD.

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