Sunday, July 21, 2013

more like I'm 101.5...

I love jam-packed days.

I love just taking in everything. The fields as we drive, the flowers as I walk, the moments as I sit with people and listen...

This summer has really been great. Every day has been jam-packed and exciting. Ha, maybe part of it is that I just feel excited by everything and really try to let myself enjoy everything and every part of a day.

I want to keep every day like this. Make sure to fill each one with time spent with someone, with people, with family, with taking care of and paying attention to the people in my life.

I want to live like all those around me who are retired. They are so happy. They really enjoy every second. And they really care about everybody.

I finally got to meet the 101.5 year old lady from Arthur who I'm always hearing about today. She knows and wants to know everything about everybody!!! She knew everything about me haha... And she always has to give something to everyone.


I love long walks with friends. I love learning from people.

I love getting to know people, the young the old, the in-between... everyone.

I love when people talk about things related to how they feel about things related to God and faith. Or about things I can really learn from. I like these conversations that are deep and extremely extremely interesting and exciting for me. They are an exciting and refreshing break from just talking what we've been up to.

I love every second with family. At events, on the farm, at grandma and grandpa Paul's house... I am blessed by all the days, time, and by how generous and loving my family is.

Like I said before I want to keep my life like this. Taking in, enjoying, giving and caring for those in my life.

I want to let what/who I miss inspire me to give to what I do have and who I do get to be with.

Thanks God for life. Please help me to live more like I'm 101.5... :)


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