Friday, April 5, 2013

they have no idea...

The highlights of today were when the preschoolers began my time outside with... "Abbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyy, come get meeee!" And continued the time outside, running, laughing and sqealing.... "Abbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyy...!!!" ... Only God knows how much this is a complete glimpse of His love to me. And how much there's nothing I'd rather do than chase those sweet kids.

... Then today at 5:30, the complete end of the day, as little sweet Hannah was leaving she hands me her artwork she had been working hard on off in a corner. "This is for you." It said: TO: ABE LOVE: HANNAH and said BFF multiple times on it and had a bunch of hearts. I couldn't believe it. I never expected her to be making anything for me. Especially something she was working hard on. I thanked her and told her I will hang it in my room and that it is so special to me. ... Little does she know how special her gift truly is to me. I will add to the collection of my most treasured artwork from the kids that I sincerely will hang and keep in my room (and future new apartment) for a long time, and never will throw it away. ... Hannah was like, "ya I worked hard on it. It even is just like my shirt..." And it was... her shirt had all these cool heart patterns on it. ... Man, that piece of artwork she gave me is really special to me. It makes me smile so much. I am going to make her something. But ya... those kids have no idea how they make my days. And how I know it is truly Jesus saying to me, "Abby, I love you. More than anything in this world. I love you."

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