Sunday, May 13, 2012

My mom.

My mom.

      My mom is who I've grown to be most thankful for, appreciate most, and look up to most, especially during this last year.

       Giving all of her time, all her all, to her family. To taking care of us, every day of her life.

I think about all the time and energy she puts into making our birthdays special, into preparing meals, into looking into our needs, taking care of us when are sick and when we are healthy, into taking interest in our lives, in our days, and into just showing us gentleness, patience, warmth, the true love of a mom.

... And it goes so so much further than that...

My mom is probably one of the most well-respected, most admired, and most loved by students professors on campus. She is a doctorate who went through school to get her PHD while we were kids! Yet... none of this ever shows in the way she gives her all to us at home. She still comes home and cooks us amazing meals, takes time to care about our lives, to talk with us, take care of us completely and totally. Abundantly.

She's told me a few of the special prayers she says from her heart to God, and they've really touched my heart. One was something like, "Lord, please help me, somehow, through everything I do and say to my students, to show them God's love through it."

My mom is a woman filled with God's peace and patience.

She always puts others before herself.

And she just loves.

There is nothing I could possibly possibly do to thank my mom for all she has done, is doing, and will do. Nothing will ever compare. 

... It just blows me away.

I really want to be more like my mom.

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