Tuesday, March 6, 2012

my only hope.

Man, there are multiple times throughout each day where I am anxious, restless, filled with stupid thoughts that I can't shut off.

Just a restless, anxious heart.

It's at those times when I can't even do anything else, I'm too filled with anxiety, in too much pain, too low to really do anything, anything but open the Word
praying for it to be whatever God wants me to hear or turn on music praying the same thing.
 It's at those times that I am just hungry for it, I need it...

And the sound of His voice, the Word, the Truth is better than anything else in the world.
The only thing that calms this restless heart.

His grace and His help are my only hope.

I need to surrender. 
Let His mercy and grace cover everything.
And just trust Him.

The Truth is better than anything...
He loves us.

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